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Sunday, July 26, 2009

First taste Sea Salt Coffee at 85cafe, Irvine CA

It is not the coffee. It is the girl that showed up at the plaza.
She must be an ABC new bride. I saw her wedding ring. She is so beautiful. Her noble and happiness while she sat with her groups of young friends caught my eye.
Most of her friends are female. I were wondering where is her groom?
Anyway, just can't help to look at her again and again.
Well, wish to run into her next time. :P

Angus Yang's housewarming event

Randy, Mandy, and I drove rental car to LA to join the first home and housewarming for Angus. It was blessing for his new home.
Renee flown and joined us from SJ to LA on Saturday.
May also join us locally.
It was two days stay at his new home. It was from 17JUL-19JUL.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Passenger's side rear tire found nailed by screw!

Just found the passenger's side rear tire had a screw nailed on it around 6PM after work.
The screw look familiar. It is same type of screw that made flat tire on my wife's Honda CRV.
I recall that I went to 18780 Tilson Ave. Cupertino, CA to pick up mail from mail box around noon. So, the nailed issue maybe happened from there. Just can't think of any where that may have such screw. I should ask tire repair technician to keep the screw as evidence tomorrow.