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Friday, June 29, 2012

Wait a minute, the hacker said "shit" after I blocked his/her IP!?

Why the hacker keeps running a program and trying to guess the Fortigate router password?
What does he/she want?
He/She was angry and said "shit" as logon name after I blocked his/her IP on router.

How to block those public IP on Fortigate router?
STEP1: Goto Firewall Objects -> Virtual IP -> Virtual IP -> Click on Create New
Input as following:
Name like "88_191_65_192_Hacker"
External IP Address/Range:
Mapped IP Address/Range:

STEP2:  Goto Firewall Objects -> Virtual IP -> VIP Group
Input as following:
Group Name: All Hackers NAT
Interface: Wan1
Move those Hackers' Virtual IP to Members:

STEP3: Goto Policy -> Policy -> Click on Create New
Input as following:
Source Interface/Zone: wan1
Source Address: all
Destination Interface/Zone: internal
Destination Address: All Hackers NAT
Schedule: always
Service: ANY
Action: DENY