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Sunday, March 03, 2019

XPenology upgrade from DSM 5.2_5644 to 6.0_23739 (DS3615xs) issue with Jun'sLoader 1.03b on HP Proliant N40L

Solution: Have to disabled the C1E on BIOS
Press F10 to get into BIOS
CPU configuration -> CIE Support [Disabled]

Have to DELETE the /.xpenoboot to get back the network setting after upgraded:
sudo rm -rf /.xpenoboot
ls -la /
sudo reboot now

Wrong upgrade stepped and caused NAS is not able to boot up:
Upgraded DSM 6.2.pat on DSM 5.2 control panel!!!
DO NOT update it on DSM 5.2, please shut the DSM 5.2 down, then using the JunLodaer 1.03b USB drive to boot up to upgrade with DSM 6.2.pat.