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Friday, October 14, 2011

ATT Elite DSL price $24.95/month for 12 months since 3rdOCT2011

I just checked ATT website. Now it cost $19.95 per month.
Can I just do the price match? Here is the my ATT online confirmation id is: 8BQ79701A4MBQ.
Two setup mode for DSL:
(1)ATT ADSL setup as PPPoE Bridge mode with Netopia Cayman 3546 modem and Fortinet FWF60B router:
(Internet cloud) <=>Netopia Cayman 3546 DSL modem <=>Fortinet FWF60B router <=> PCs
*** Some configuration on Netopia modem:
#1. Set fixed IP as on client PC and connect to MODEM and logon to
Usually, the password is the Serial Number where labeled underneath the Cayman3000 router.
#2. Home > Configure > WAN > WAN IP Interface
Enable Interface: checked
Obtain IP Address Automatically: checked
Address Mapping (NAT): checked
#3. Home > Configure > WAN > WAN IP Interface > Advanced WAN IP Interface
#4. Set WAN as RFC-1483 Bridged Ethernet vcc1:
#5. Home > Configure > Advanced > Ethernet Bridge
Enable Bridging Function: checked
Enable WAN-to-WAN Bridging: checked
Enable Bridging on Port: checked (Ethernet 1000BT (LAN))
Enable Bridging on Port: checked (RFC-1483 Bridged Ethernet vcc1 (WAN))
Status: Authentication pending is normal.

*** Some configuration on Fortinet router:
#1.Operation Mode: NAT
Network Interface: WAN1
Addressing mode: PPPoE
Password: *******
#2. Network -> Interface -> wan1
Addressing mode: PPPoE
[v]Restrieve default gateway from server.
[v]Override internet DNS.
#3. Network -> DNS
Use DDNS: checked
Interface: wan1
Server: and
Username: yourDDNSaccount
Password: ****

(2)ATT ADSL line using PPPoE with NAT DHCP on Netopia Cayman 3546 Modem.
The Fortinet FWF60B WAN1 have to use DHCP,
but the DDNS will get a private DHCP IP from the Modem.
So, it is not recommend to use the mode if you need to use DDNS.