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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Why do you need to set IP Passthrough on ATT fiber optical modem?

   In order to let Fotigate service to be seen on internet, enabling the IP Passthrough on ATT fiber optical modem is required. 

You have to logon to ATT modem at to enable the IP Passthrough on firewall section.
Also, you have to logon to Fortigate router at or your own router IP.

Please see screenshot for the detail setup.

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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Great Sync/Backup tool GUI for RoboCopy: ChoRazyCopy

 The ChoRasyCopy is the best.
You can download it at
Download Binaries

I am using it to replace my xcopy batch file(s).

Thursday, October 21, 2021

我的悠遊付 APP 無法使用綁定五倍券的5000來付momo購物網的款: 餘額不足


我的悠遊付 APP 無法使用綁定五倍券的5000來付momo購物網的款: 餘額不足。






從銀行轉帳NT$1234到悠遊付, 到momo購物網買NT$1234商品然後用悠遊付來付(check out)。





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Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Why Linux Mint OS is not recognizing internal M.2 SSD

 Q:Why Linux Mint OS is not recognizing internal M.2 SSD while click on Computer icon on desktop?


Have to get into UEFI BIOS and switching SATA settings from RAID to AHCI for the fix.

Note: If you already installed Windows 10 by the RAID configured, then you have to re-install Win10 

after the setup from RAID to AHCI. Otherwise Win10 will keep crashing with BSOD.


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Thursday, August 12, 2021

FortiCAM SD20 has no reset button, how to reset it or how to change its static IP to DHCP setting?

Most of IP CAM has the reset button, but the FortiCAM SD20 or FCM-CB20.

Question, how to reset it to its default setting?
Answer: You have to use FortiRecorder (either physical machine or VM) to handle the situation.
IP CAM can access through its web portal by its IP. eg.
u: admin
p: admin or password
BUT, the p: was changed once FortiRecorder configured the IP CAM. then you are unable to logon the portal and set the IP setting from static to DHCP.
The only option is that you have to use FortiRecorder to set the IP CAM from static to DHCP.
  • Let FortiRecorder to discover the current IP CAM's static IP. as example, the IP is
  • Set FortiRecorder port1 IP as
  • Set laptop PC wired IP to
  • Connect FortiRecorder, the IP CAM, and laptop PC to a POE switch
  • Open browser and connect to FortiRecorder at
  • Activating the IP CAM
  • Go to Camera > Configuration > Network > change IP setting from Static to DHCP 
Other solution is by using putty.exe SSH to FortiRecorder and run the CLI command to reset the IP CAM:

#execute camera CAM01-A password-reset
You may be able to use u:admin p:admin/password to logon the IP CAM portal once you did the above command.


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Sunday, February 28, 2021

How to make a Karaoke video with 2 audio tacks something like track1 and track2?

[ HAVE TO use mp2 as track2(aka. No vocal music) ]
By using MediaCoder to convert MP3 to mp2
By using MKVToolNix to multiplexing MP4 and MP2.

They can be download at

Monday, November 23, 2020

Take off drone 5 steps

Take off needed at least 9 satellites show on Remote Controller(RC)
起飛需要至少 9 顆衛星顯示在遠端控制器(RC)上

Take off drone 5 steps:

1. Press the top switch of the drone

2. Turn on the power switch of the RC

3. Push the left rocker upward and then pull down to matching frequency between drone and RC

4. Press the geomagnetic calibration button once the drone indicator lights are blue and red flashing slowly

5. Pick up the drone and make horizontal clockwise rotation 3 laps. You will hear a drop beep in the RC and red & blue lights flash.

Rotate the drone vertically for 3 laps. You will hear a drop beep in the RC and red & blue lights for long time.

(Above 2 steps meaning the calibration complete)

無人機起飛前的 5 個步驟: 

1. 按下無人機上面的開關。

2. 打開 遙控器(RC) 的電源開關。

3. RC的左搖桿向上推,然後向下拉, 如此來匹配無人機和 RC 之間的頻率。

4. 請按(Geomagnetic Calibration button)地磁校準按鈕, 無人機指示燈將呈藍色,紅色緩慢閃爍。

5. 拿起無人機,水平順時針旋轉3圈。您將在 RC 中聽到一滴蜂鳴音, 紅色和藍色指示燈閃爍。 垂直旋轉無人機3圈。你會聽到一滴蜂鳴聲在Rc和紅色和藍色燈很長一段時間。 (以上 2 個步驟表示校準完成)

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How to pull out of the ZEN Mini XS818 GPS drone battery?

 ZEN Mini XS818 GPS drone AKA. Teeggi VISUO XS818 GPS drone.

   As drone landing position, the back of Drone has the Off/On sign that is the battery.
In order to pull the battery out, you have to push down "On" sign of the latch.

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